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SkyBox digital EMG

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Skybox is a brand-new 5 channel EMG and EP solution specially designed for NCS, EMG and EP studies is now available for purchase.

It combines easy-to-use interface, advanced software features and options and wide neurophysiological diagnostic capabilities. It can be used for the routine tests, in operating rooms and intensive care units.

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Survey form

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We ask our users and customers to provide us feedback about our products and services. This user evaluation form helps us to meet your requirements and offer better services.

Please, be so kind to fill in this survey form and do not hesitate to provide us your remarks and offers. We are open for cooperation and would like to make our customers happy.

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EEGStudio v1.8

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New free of charge EEGStudio acquisition module v1.8 built 7011 (August 2013) is now available for download on our web site in Support section. To enable EEGStudio features all customer are required to receive activation code and proceed with EEG system registration.

This EEG software version has advanced ERP calibration procedure that gives you even more accurate results and possibility to add new ERP tasks designed in Psytask software.

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API for Matlab

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The Mitsar EEGStudio API for Matlab is designed in the form of a .NET Application comprised of Server and Client components allowing on-line EEG and ERP data steaming to MatlabĀ® for signal processing.

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MCSCap electrodes

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We offer new MCScap systems with removable Ag/AgCl electrodes placed according to 10-20 or modified 10-10 international systems with possibility of simple reconfiguration and replacement of bad electrodes.

Both routine EEG and long-term EEG monitoring configurations are available for purchase with your Mitsar-EEG amplifiers.

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Electro-Cap electrodes


Mitsar-EEG systems are fully compatible with worldrecognized 19 and 31 channel ECI caps that are positioned according to the 10-20 or modified 10-10 international methods of electrode placement.

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ISNR 2015

15-18 OCTOBER 2015
Denver, Colodrado


16-19 NOVEMBER 2015
Duesseldorf, Germany

Healthcare 2014

7-11 DECEMBER 2015
Moscow, Russia


QEEG workshop: Integrating QEEG, ICA and behavioural data towards personalised neurofeedback protocol design

20-22 FEBRUARY 2015


QEEG I – Editing EEG

SUMMER 2012 :: 2 – 1.5 hour classes

QEEG II – Setting up WinEEG

SUMMER 2012 :: 2 – 1.5 hour class

QEEG III – Spectral Analysis

SUMMER 2012 :: 2 – 1.5 hour classes


SUMMER 2012 :: 2 – 1.5 hour classes